Friday, 12 February 2010

Blue Skies, Nothing, but Blue Skies.

Bit chilly mind.

Just for a change (from sketching the cathedral (although, it has many different aspects to sketch)) I'm going to do a 3x1 Meter sketch of The Alhambra in Plaza Quintana, as viewed from Mirador de San Nicolas from memory. Been a few months. I'll try and post a photograph of the sketch here to compare with the actual view tomorrow.

I met a crazy Galician piper here a few weeks ago. Gave me a couple of very large glasses of the local coffee liquor at about 8 in the morning. He was taken to the hospital for the not very well in the head people yesterday fro dragging metal barriers into the cathedral. I shall be avoiding binges on the local coffee liquor. Seems to be bad for the brains.

Yesterday, there was a special mass at the cathedral. Not sure exactly what it was about, but it seemed to be for dying people. Ambulances were waiting outside. Very strange. I still don't quite get this religion thing. Santiago is certainly a very religious place. You would expect it to be I suppose. But, why the fuck did they build a cathedral here? How did this city happen? No river. A fair distance from any port. And, don't give me any bollocks about saints arriving in stone boats. Anyone tried to pull that off today, they would get sectioned!

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