Saturday, 20 February 2010


First things first...

What a friendly bunch of people and a very lovely place. Good to meet so many good folk in such a small village. Huge thank you to albergue Hogar Miguel, the guys from the 'otherside of the mountain' ;) all at bar Pirata, and countless others.

Few tourists. Finacially difficult, but with so many offers of beds and meals that was not a problem. Seascape completed, back in Santiago. I did wonder if I was going to get 'trapped' for while!

Very easy to understand why such a place has become legendary, mythical, magical and mystical. Stunningly beautiful and a bit weird in it's contrast. It doesn't make sense at first glance. Awesome Atlantic views, beatiful beaches, flowers, fruit and alien tress (in February), rugged, stark, stoney mountains. It's a very unique place. I'll be visiting more through the coming summer.

I would imagine it's a very different place in summer!

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