Friday, 12 February 2010

So, Why Did Santiago Happen Here?

There's a library, and museums and places like that I could go to. Instead I've just been talking to people who live here and researching on the internet.

Wikipedia is always a good starting place. Not always very reliable though. Much of the history of Santiago is lost in the fog of the debate about the religious claims. I'm more interested in why a settlement was formed here and went on to become a very rich little city indeed.

I see Tracy Saunders gets a mention on the Wiki page. Perhaps I should read her book. I met her and her diaghter once. They seemed good sorts.

Around 400AD a tribe from the Rhine Valley settled here. Most probably in hiding. It was simply a last resort. Shit weather, but perfect for a self-sustainable community that didn't want to risk mixing it with the Roman authorities not to far away. Then, there's the name - Compostella. Commonly believed to be a bit more litteral than it might be. Country Stars - the way of the star. But, more likley to be a bit more pessimistic and about many dead people and dead stuff. Dead people maybe. Dead Romans? I'm told it was the site of a huge Roman graveyard. A bttle not worth fighting any longer because it always rained here anyway :D So, the tribe on the run from the Rhine decided to stay because the Romans couldn't be arsed to fight for the dampness? Am I getting close yet?

Move on 500 years, or so, some clever guy realises that there is fuck all here other than rain and comes up with some bullshit about saints and bones.

That's about it. The city grew from a myth that was funded by The Church to empower the Christians and destroy any last remaining pagan believers?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Personally, I think there is much more in the theories about early migration routes. Difficult to dig into though.

All views, theories and facts more than wlecome.

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