Monday, 15 February 2010

Yesterday was a very good day.

Sometimes I wonder why I wasn't doing this 10 years ago, or more.

A little bit cold mind. Managed to pay for beds for 6 yesterday. Two day fiesta - hopefully today and tomorrow will bring similar.

A huge thank you for the email of encouragement. It meant a lot. I was close to quitting yesterday. You know who you are - the thought was appreciated greatly.

Sometimes this life is very, very rewarding. Sometimes it ain't. Same as any other way of living really!


Alberte Couto said...

You can see your photo in this web.
Hope you like it.
A greating!

The Lost Photographer said...

I look completely fucked and very unhappy! That's a very old photo. Perhaps I was completely fucked and very unhappy?

No - I don't like it :D

ECT said...

REALLY Happy to hear that :)

Good luck ;)