Friday, 21 November 2008

Back on the Pilgrim Route.

And, heading towards Astorga after a very splendid break in a secret albergue in a secret village hidden high in the mountains. Possibly the most beautiful place I have ever visited. Sunshine all week and the woods, forests and valleys all bathed in glorious sunshine everyday :)

But, rain cometh :(

Chestnuts, mushrooms, apples and pears. Plenty to eat for free. A perfect trout river at the bottom of the valley. A 40 bed albergue with 8 showers, loos and sinks all to myself and a huge wood burning stove to play with. All has been documented photographically on old skool film and will be published here at a later date. Very interesting history to this village. And, there are wild boar, wolves and bears! More later.

Must make Astorga in time to catch business tomorrow and make some cash to buy a huge umbrella. It is the only solution. I may then venture off track again for a couple of days to visit Leon. Looks to be a city with cash potential.

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