Friday, 28 November 2008

More Snow :(

It's all going wrong in Leon. I have man-flu, or even real flu, it's snowing again. I have to make money and I really wish I hadn't just Googled the weather :(

I need a wet weather plan quickly.

There's a shop here that sells umbrellas. When it's sunny they're €6. When it rains they're €12. Bit to late to take advantage of such supply and demand situations, unless...

Sketching on umbrellas! Why the fuck not? I'm going to spend the afternoon customising an umbrella to sell in tomorrows rain. One watreproof permanent marker €2. One umbrella €6 (I can negotiate). Sell signed, original and practical work of art tomorrow for €50+. It's possible.


ECT said...

Hello Artist! I´m the shop assistant in a shop 1 meter far from where you are painting today.
I´ve read your articles these days and you are right, umbrellas are more expensive when it rains.
We don´t sell umbrellas at the shop I´m working (it´s called "las camisetas").
If you come tomorrow to the shop, you can have my umbrella and keep it for you. It´s a bit girly but I don´t think it´s a problem.
I was very sorry to hear that everything is going wrong in León. Well, I know snow doesn´t help.
I admire you and I hope you enjoy this experience to the full and gives you the chance to show your masterpieces to many people around Spain.


The Lost Photographer said...

Only just read this :( So wish I had read it earlier. No longer in leon, but I'll be back to buy you dinner some day. Are you the total Ibuprofen and T-shirt angel?

Email me via my website. I have lots of friends around Leon. I'll definitely be back. Email a mobile number and I'll add you to my texting list. Gets a bit mad at times, but most people seem to enjoy it.