Saturday, 1 November 2008


At last. Some half decent weather. City full of tourists. Completed Three large sketches this morning. Sold them all. In total I collected well over €200 and I still have this evening and tomorrow to make more. If I can buy more paper??? Can't believe I still get caught out by Saturday afternoons in Spain. Hopefully a Chinese sell everything shop will be open with 'everything' I need.

Looks like I'm back on for a Monday morning start towards Zamora. The mural commission turned out to be HUGE. I'll come back to it after I've made Santiago de Compostela. It's at least Six weeks work. Very fun work at that. Didn't really need a reason to plan a return visit to Salamanca, but reasons don't get much better than painting big murals for a living :)

A big THANK YOU to Salamanca. Looking set for €300 to a local charity and enough to see me on my way to my next destination.

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Deborah said...

I just finally found your website ,and your artwork is BEAUTIFUL!