Friday, 7 November 2008

Oh Dear! Intervention Policia Nacional.

Shame. I was enjoying Zamora up until now. May continue anyway, but he was a right arsey fucker. Undercover police (or, perhaps off duty. I wasn't aware that Nacional operated undercover on the streets) jumped out of car: 'You're not allowed to sketch here'. Why not? 'Because it's private property and you need permission'. Were can I obtain permission? He then told me where, but it's closed until Monday, so you may as well fuck off basically. I suspect he would be even more arsey if he saw me again. I also suspect he was just on his way home going off duty. I'm going with the second suspicion. Or, I'll try sketching in Plaza Mayor and see what happens there.

Big 'Boooooooooh!' to nasty Policia Nacional Zamora trying to spoil the charity cause. First poblem I've had since the first town outside of Granada. All the police have been generally friendly and helpful everywhere else. Just one cunt in a bad mood.

Onwards and upwards...

I guess if I was just to ask Policia Municipal if I could sketch in Plaza Mayor they would simply say no just for the sake of it???

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