Monday, 24 November 2008

Snowing in Leon.

Leon just went from being a very cool little city to a downright fucking freezing little city. Everybodies coughing, everyone is sneezing and I'm the loudest of them all. Wet, windy, snowy and cold. Unworkable sales wise. Never mind. I'm still enjoying myself and I've found a very nice little pension (Pension Blanca) for just €22/night including breakfast and as much internetz as I want. Paid for for just One more night and I'm down to my last €20 in pocket. I need to make a plan of action quickly. In the meantime I'll just prattle on the web waiting for God to intervene, or something. Make postcard sketches from postcards in the dry, warm comfort of a cafe possibly. That may be a solution.

I like Leon a great deal. A curious blend of Southern and Northern European culture which means you don't know when to pay for your drinks at the bar. I plan to stay a few more days and explore a bit more to see if this city has anymore to offer my future than Granada. I like it that much, but cold, wet and windy is very much the norm for winter so I'm told. High on your list of city weekend breaks - you won't regret it.

So, what to do in Leon when it's cold, wet and windy? You go to a cafe and take a large coffee with a couple of very large brandies followed by a big fat spliff. Then you go to the cathedral for a full, magical kaleadoscopic, stained glass window experience. The best collection of windows I've ever seen. It's so impressive you may be distracted and forget to look at all the other amazing relief sculptures and stuff.

Guess I better get me pens out and get to work!

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