Monday, 3 November 2008

Rain, rain, rain.

Is there anywhere in Europe it isn't pissing it down, or snowing? It's relentless here. Managed about Three hours hiking this morning. It's now chucking it down once more in that penetrating, cold London stylee.

The footpath also seems to have disappeared again. This walking on roads wasn't part of the deal in my over romanticising imagination. I was expecting quiet tracks through rural bliss between every town. Not to be sadly, although it has to be said that there is more track than road.

On the plus side, accommodation seems to be cheap and plentiful all the way from here to Santiago. Better still, I am the only pilgrim - I get the very nice albergues all to myself. Currently in some tiny village. Made use of facilities to wash my clothes and put them up to dry over the heater. Only to then be told that I need to be out by 8am because it's cleaning day. Hmmmmm??? No way my clothes will be dry and I need plenty of changes for the coming rain and snows. Also fancy cooking myself a nice hotpot to down with a fine red and a very late, contemplative night texting friends. Fat chance I'll be awake by 8am never mind out!

Thanks again for the comments. Very nice. A very nice company is now paying my phone costs and a PDA is on its way. I'll be scanning and uploading pics of sketches very soon. Also posting links to video clips and photo essays. I hope.

Next stop is a village called 'El Cubo de la Tierra del Vino'. I like the sound of that very, very much. I hope the rains don't spoil my downing of red wine by the bucket load :)

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