Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Papeleria Heaven!

Beautiful day here. Very little wind and bright sunshine. Just spent about an hour trying to source more paper. Getting increasingly frustrated until someone pointed me in the direction of a paper warehouse. I now have 50 Meters x 1 Meter of parcel wrapping paper bought at the bargain price of €5. Three new pens. Mission: Turn 50 Meters of paper into €500 by Saturday evening. Rapido sketching. Weather and Policia Local permitting I honestly believe Leon can deliver. A nice big drop to a local charity and me comfortably sorted until Ourense. A BIG ask! We'll see what happens. Forecast doesn't look to good. I may have to find a wet weather pitch somewhere.

Can't remember if I've already posted this, but...

Imaginary Conversations.

Early on in my hiking I found myself turning to my backpack after each small break and asking in my head if he was ready to move before remembering that I was alone. That soon stopped. But, quite often when I reach an albergue after a long lone trek I find myself recollecting over the days events and recalling conversations with people that never happened. Very strange. One evening, after getting sorted and finished for the day in a small albergue, I sat down with a bottle of wine and thought about the very long conversation I had earlier with Two beautiful woman. A conversation remebered in great detail and the women were recalled in very specific and unique character, but they didn't exist. They were never there. The entire day had passed without me meeting a single other person, yet my head was full of memories of people!

If I wasn't totally fucking bonkers before I set off there can be little doubt that I am now :D

My pilgrimage is a very extreme contrast of social awarness. Four, or Five days in remote wilderness often meeting nobody followed by Four, or Five days working the streets of a city where It's not unusual to speak to over 100 different people a day.

Pretty sure I've been talking to my feet lots. They seem to argue amongst themselves frequently also. It's not just me!

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