Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Small Diversion

A bus ride some 150KM off track for a Two week break from pilgrimage. I'll return to Benavente to start hiking again. In the meantime I have work to do.

I've noticed a big cultural difference recently. Things started changing gradually, but now the landscape, way of life, the people are all very noticably different. I'm liking this part of Spain a lot. Can't say exactly where I am for now, but it's very beautiful.

Tomorrow I will be hiking a further 20KM into the mountains and losing all internet for a few days at least, possibly longer. Logistically, things are going to get very complicated from here to Santiago. I have a lot to pack in, but I'm far further into my route than I expected to be by now, so there's no rush.

Back in a couple of weeks, or so???

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