Saturday, 8 November 2008

Business as Usual

Today was better. No hassle from police. Enjoyed sketching and made enough to cover costs at least. Also remembered it is Saturday and stocked up on paper and pens. Zamora's alright in the sunshine.

Found a great little tapas/pincho bar. Second favourite in the whole of Spain so far! Bar Sevilla on Calle Alfonsod Castro. €1,90 buys a quality wine and quality snack from a huge selection. I went for tortilla with ham followed by paella. The paella was given a suspiciously long time in the microwave, but I could do with a good blowout and I have a hotel room with my own bathroom to enjoy ;)

And, whilst on the subject: best ever tapas/pincho bar in Spain so far was in Salamanca. From Plaza de EspaƱa walk along Paseo del las Canalejos. Opposite the park are Two great bars. One is exceptional for fantastic local food. €2 buys a wine and whatever you want from a huge selection of traditional stuffs. Excellent.

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