Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sticky Mud the Colour of Wine

That was a bit shit.

20KM in wet, cold windy weather mostly on roads getting sprayed by lorries. Not nice. When it wasn't road it was very clay rich mud that added a good Five Kilos to each hoof. Finally decided to walk along the unfinished new road. First layer of bitumen gave way under foot like a plush carpet. Soaked to the bone. Oh well - it only makes the coffee and brandy taste so much better when you eventually make it.

So, it's not a town with buckets of wine, but a small dead end village with rich red soil the colour of wine, or something. And, don't I know it.

One major redeming factor: mushrooms galore! All sorts. I have a huge bag of seta for dinner. To be lightly fried in butter with garlic and a Fly Agaric for after dinner experimentation. Only joking. Possibly? I'm in a bar watching a nature programme on large screen TV. The crocodile just ate the baby egrets mum and the football table is starting to not make any sense at all. Who knows what it's talking about???

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