Thursday, 5 February 2009


Totally mental last 36 hours, or so!

Murcia was good. Not brilliant for cash, but many good people and an extra special commission. A BIG thanks to Pedro :) Not everyday someone turns up with a huge canvass, full set of acryllicas, brushes and charcoal and tells you to paint whatever you want. Really enjoyed that, and did I need it?

I'm in Alicante. Finally. A good nights sleep in a relatively 'posh' hostal last night left me feeling a bit more normal this morning. All very nice until some total nutter befriended me at the train station. Funny guy who seemed to be convinced he was a world famous DJ. Also very obviously was expecting to be greeted by police at Alicante. No idea what he was running from, or what he had done (I suspect lots).

I can see this is going to be a ery different sort of pilgrimage. Alicante - what a place to start! I like this side of Spain in small doses. It fascinates me. Not so sure I can make money here. Not sure I could even in the best of times. The recession is beginning to cause many people problems now. Seems people went big time over Christmas just because. And, now everyone is feeling it.

No new boots yet. I've had to buy a very cheap pair of shoes as a temporary measure. My boots had transformed themselves into heavy duty, very loud flip-flops.

Cheap hostal in the cheap part of town. Let's see if I can make anything over the weekend.

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