Friday, 13 February 2009

Barcelona Part 2.

Finally, I've found a half decent pitch that seems to be off the rounds of any police. I've been just about hanging on for the past few days. Thankfully receiving donations of €5, or €10 but selling nothing and collecting few coins. For some reason things have changed this time around. On my last trek I was selling plenty (most of the time) and collecting pockets full of loose change. With only Two very notable exceptions, I barely remember anyone donating paper money. Now I seem to be relying on a single generous drop a day and expecting nothing much else. Not sure why this is?

I'm nowhere near saving enough for new boots and pilgrimage route Two yet. I'm changing tactics. I've completed some small acryllic paintings. Going to mark them up at high prices and see what happens. One painting in particular I like very much. It's not for sale. It's a gift for a notable exception whether she likes it, or not.

Barcelona is very different to the way I remember it. The life has been zapped from the streets. Obviously, me getting hassle from the police all the time has tainted my view, but even if I was selling and had cash in pocket I don't think I would be enjoying Barcelona as much as I enjoy Granada, Santiago, Leon and Salamanca. All Four are far better places to visit.

One area of Barclona I do still enjoy is Sant Pere. Something about it reminds me of Clerkenwell and Exmouth Market of 10 years ago. Nice relaxed community feel. A sprinkling of trees and plenty of history still very apparent. Junkies and winos with the odd new trendy bar, or bistro. The hotels, tourists and money will arrive shortly no doubt.

I have a borked left foot and knee. Very tired also. Trying to save money and avoiding hostal fees, but I need my own bed in my own room tonight with a good shower. Also need to wash some clothes. New plan is to start walking from Alicante in a weeks time. Before then I will visit Sitges and possibly Girona.

Things are much more difficult this time around! The Crisis? Time of year? Bad weather? My new hat? A combination of all? Dunno!

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Sara said...

I'm so sorry that you are deceived with the city! It is not good that tourists get this image, but unfortunately there it is :(
I saw you when I was with my dog, walking down Arc de Triomf. I was impressed by your idea and I'd have like to make some donation, but when I take the dog for a walk I don't take any money with me (just in case)

I hope you reach Santiago again, with lots of money to donate to children;)