Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sitges Part 2.

Carnaval :)

It's not the biggest by any means, but it is the most full-on public bingeing session I've ever witnessed each time I've visited. So far, I've been quite well behaved. Working hard and earning money. Planning to avoid a good Two hours of temptation tonight by using the 24/7 lavaneria and washing all my clothes - they really, really need it.

I was woken this morning on the beach by the sound of a tractor levelling all the sand sculptures :( Sadly, not allowed for carnaval and no way around it. I've been sketching instead.

Meeting lots of good people. My new (very bad) mates making sculptures on the beach are actually a very good bunch if you give them the respect they deserve. I've learned lots about the craft and business of sand sculpturing. There is a fascinating TV documentary to be made there. Great characters, quality artists and plenty of surprise.

Also met some guy who I'm hopefully meeting tomorrow. He tells me there is an International pilgrimage route frome here in Sitges to Santiago de Compostela. Yay! Another new find. He's searching out information for me. What a good guy.

Many other interesting and good people to mention later also. I'm enjoying Sitges. Despite it's superficial appearance it actually has much going for it. Especially during carnaval.

Couple of more days here to explore this new route (which is most probably going to replace Alicante as route 2) and save a bit more cash, then a quick visit to a beautiful and much admired friend close by, then I'm off again. Finally! And, with new boots :)

As for Barcelona; well, at least it didn't rain.

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