Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Police and Thieves!

Fuck it. Just as I was being ordered to pack-up my wares by some Port Police, some tricky fucker took all my money. Very difficult to make the streets work here after lunch time. After lunchtime is when all the junkies and cunts get out of bed for anyone who doesn't know.

Tired. No bed for tonight. Lost a days work in that grab. It's impossible. If you're sketching, or painting there is absolutely no way you can keep an eye on everything. Even just looking over completed sketches is tricky. If you're talking to police you don't expect any twat to nick anything under their noses. If you're talking to potential customers you have to try and keep them interested whilst looking all around you. Very difficult. Very tiring.

Think I'm off to Sitges sooner rather than later. At least it's safe there.

Very, very tough going ATM. Tired and ill, but, on the plus side, I am spending time in quality company with some very good people. Good work coming my way also, but I think the best option is to leave Barcelona again for now. I can make more elsewhere and live more safely.

Anyone know if Villa are winning?

1 comment:

The Itinerant said...

Villa drew 1-1
Sorry to hear about the thieving and your losses.

I got done over there as well and vowed never to go near the place again.

Hope your health improves and I am sending you karma so that you may meet nicer people.

Please keep posting as you brighten up my days.

Take care