Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Barcelona Part 4

Back in Barcelona with bad feet, a bad knee and some ugly bug feverish illness. More than anything in the world right now I just want my own bed in my own home and possibly a bit of attention from a good woman. But, I can't have any of that. There's simply not an option, so back to the paseo to make some more cash.

I've often wondered what those white vans with green star/cross logos on them are. They're a bit like an ambulance, but smaller. Last night I watched one of them pull up outside a block of flats and remove a dead body. Well, I guess you can't just chuck them in the rubbish!

Not entirely irrelevant, but I don't think I'm quite that ill yet.

Sitges was good fun. I will return for carnival weekend to complete the naked volley ball sand sculptures.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John. I'm in Barcelona too.....with a strange feverish flu. I think something weird is going on because half of the city are down with it too. Bummer about the bag. They're a bunch of clever fuckers in this town. Only yesterday I saw a well dressed japanese man being squirted with a substance which cleverly looked like birdshit. Someone 'generously' offered to clean him up and in the process swiped his belongings.Wankers. Last summer in Bcn I had my wallet nicked from the inside pocket of a jacket which was buttoned up....

Anyway, good luck and keep writing. I'm back to dearest GranĂ¡ in the morning.