Sunday, 22 February 2009

Vilanova i la Getru.

Just down the coast from Sitges. Came here to find a cheap bed and shower. So fucked and sore footed I just booked into the first I found. They kindly changed my room without questions when they put me right next door to the party reception room full of a Zillion excited children.

Excited because carnaval is celebrated here also. A huge sweet throwing fiesta. The streets are currently littered with boiled sweets. Every step sticks to the pavement with a sweet, sugar coated 'siclick siclick'.

Also here to visit someone. Booked in for Three nights to recover from an almighty weekend of work and fun before hitting the road again. Need to take a break and spend quality time with quality company before I leave mind. I've had a fantastic weekend, but I'm well and truly fucked :)

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