Wednesday, 11 February 2009


It seems I can't get permission to work the streets of Barcelona. Policia Local everywhere and all either tell me to pack-up, or move on. Just be a bit more descrete was the best advice I got. Some told me to get permission, but a trip to the town hall resulted in 'we dodn't give permission - you don't need it'. Guardia Urbana were absolutely adamant that I couldn't work anywhere in Barcelona. Permission to street artists on the Rambla is only granted to statue people. WTF! Seems at worst, I get stuff confiscated, so I'll just plod on. I have no choice, but money making is very difficult. Possibly thinking about trips to Girona and Sitges to test the waters there.

On the plus side, I'm meeting some lovelly people. A gorgeous friend from Granada, a very genrous and lovelly person I met in Santiago, and today, some nice woman invited me to her home for coffee and snacks before showing me where the nest art supplies shop was. Very nice )

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