Monday, 16 February 2009


I'm on holiday by the sea.

What a very strange, very rich and very conservative little town this is. Inspired by a Scottish guy I met yesterday, I'm going to have a go at sand sculpture. There's a volleyball net on the beach just begging for Five naked figures either side of it. It won't make me any cash, and it's possibly a little over ambitious for a first attempt, but WTF! I'm on holiday. Straying well off the pilgrim route.

The Scottish guy has built a Homer Simpson sand sculpture. Class. Very clever and good for a lot of money even off season. Homer lounging on the couch with a can of Duff in front of a real live, working fire. It wins in every department.

Got horribly drunk and wrecked last night. In the very beautiful company of someone I want so badly, but know I can't have I decided to turn my brains off with booze. Very stupid. Very hungover. Full of regret. I need a big art challenge to take my mind off things. Naked volleyball players it is!

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