Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Thanks for the comment on the post below. Murcia wasn't on my plan, but I jumped off the bus on my way to Alicante. Murcia is nice, but very expensive compared to what I'm used to. Thankfully, I have a couple of commissions to complete before heading to Alicante tomorrow afternoon.

I had a nightmare leaving Granada. Missed the bus I was hoping to catch and had to wait for a 3AM bus. Found a quiet corner to sit down in the station with a can of Kaz Limon and a packet of biscuits. Set my alarm just in case. Half asleep sitting against a wall, Two guys approached me and told me to move. "Who the fuck are you?". They didn't look like security, or an sort of official until they pulled out their truncheons after kicking me in the thigh. Nice! No signs about nodding off being prohibited anywhere. Went to Policia Nacional. Their repsonse was that it's normal! Not in my Four years experience of Spain it's not. Insisted I wanted to report an assault and they told me to go to the commissioners office. Decided to make a complete on an official ALSA complaint form instead. Then the Two security guys reappeared and told the ticket attendent I had bought my ticket from not to give one. Then a few other guys turned up and just lingered around wherever I was sitting. Fucking cunts. They're not getting away with it.

Anyway, Murcia was sunny and warm today. That cheared me up. I've had to pay €36 for a room here mind. Must make good use of it.

I have a feeling this second route is not going to be financially easy at all for many reasons.

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