Saturday, 14 February 2009

Barcelona Part 3.

Bollocks! Bag stolen.

Other than that (and I'm really not to bothered) all is now going very well. Good company. Good work. Good cash.

For my own reference of things to replace (I'm sure there's lots I won't remeber until I need them)...


Craft Knife.


Permanent Markers.

Cork screw (already replaced ;))..



Acryllic paints and brushes.

Vanity set (bought fron Boots circa 19996) Did I already mention that?

Nylon fishing wire and needle.

My small leather bound sketch pad.

My credentials from Salamanca to Santiago.

My Compostela :(

About Five Quid in English money.

Mt fucking notepad. My fucking notepad full of contacts. It's in a bin now somewhere bewteen Arc de Triumfo and the subs :( Worth nothing to any body but me, and now it's in a bin!

Oh well. Onwards and upwards!

Oh! My passport and ID also. That's quite important and very expensive to replace!

Other that that, life is very hunky dory. Good company. Good money.

How the fuck my scruffy artists bag was stolen from under my feet is beyond me. But, hey! Much od life is beyond me. Thankfully :)

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