Friday, 10 October 2008


This seems to be a windy part of the world. I have now crossed the border into Extremadura. Despite the blustery weather and having walked 18KM along a very busy and fast road (no fun when loaded up. 40 Tonne lorries hurtling towards you at 100 KPH) I am really taken by the town of Azugua. Very friendly. Very generous. I thought I had strayed out of free tapas land until tonight. I'm paying just 70 Centimos for a red wine with tapas! I don't know if that's the norm, or of it's half price night, or if it's a special pilgrims discount?

The cross country trek I took for the final 12 KM is worth mentioning. Very beautiful. Following the remains of a very old road that is no longer in use. Crossing streams with groves of fig trees (sadly not ripe here yet). Stoney outcrops, pig farms, sheperds with goats and sheep and loads of farm dogs. Big dogs, but happily all barking madly with wagging tales.

I should be making a list of all the pilgrims priviledges I get to enjoy. Off to search for for the albergue for free meal, bed and shower. I'm told it will be empty.

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