Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Jesus Wept!

Rain, rain, rain :(

It's like being in Wales, but with prettier buildings.

Looking as though it's going to hang around for a while, so I'm going on an indoor tourist trail for the day. Cathedral, churches, museum, exhibition about ancient Andalus beings... plenty to keep a tourist dry and happy for a day.

I like it here. It's a bit more real and gritty than the over polished cities of Zafra, Merida and Caceres. I liked them also, but Plasencia seems a bit more liveable. More everyday people doing everyday stuff and not as many tourists (although there are still a fair few).

If the rain doesn't stop I will need to come up with a wet weather cash making plan. I'm all out of pocket money.

I've given up completely on the free pilgrim beds. I've given up completely on the whole relgious thing actually. It's all a load of bollocks. Nice churches and cathedrals mind.

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