Thursday, 16 October 2008

An Infestation of Children

Don't get me wrong - I like children, but to many can sometimes be to much. I first noticed this in Llerena. Now in Merida it is far more apparent. I like it when children get interested in my sketches. I'm not so keen on the cycling, skating and walking over sketches bit, although the tracks and foot prints do add a certain authenticity.

Spain appears to be going through some sort of baby boom. Perhaps it's partly down to the recent financial boom? Designer goods and expensive German cars are to be seen everywhere here. New baby accessory shops seem to have opened in every town.

New money from foreign house buyers, EU grants, the new phenomenon of credit and an over producing construction industry. It's all beginning to crash, and it can only get worse. Makes you wonder 'what future for the new generation?'.

The new middle classes have enjoyed unprecedented financial freedom and social ladder climbing. That's all about to end. You can be born poor into upper class tiers and still be perceived as someone in societies top flight regardless. To maintain middle class status you need money always.

10 years from now when the first of the new priviledged generation begin their working lives, the vast majority will realise they don't stand a chance of achieving what their parents achieved. What effect will that have on society?


Time to move on. Merida has seen enough of this itinerant, freelance fund-raising artist. Back to the pilgrims way heading north. It's going to start getting colder :(

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