Friday, 10 October 2008

This is Not a Cheat

Oh my Spanish!

What I heard as 'will be empty', I should have heard as is always empty because it's been turned into a museum and no longer offers accommodation.

¡Hola! Señora Policia Local - where's the albergue?

"There isn't one, but we will pay for your bus to the next town if you like".

Yep! I want. Thank you Jesus. A further slingshot 30KM into the future with a free meal and warm bed V on the streets in cold windy conditions with a threat of rain. No choice really. And, the fact that Policia Local were offereing me something. I couldn't refuse. In the name of pilgrim exploration I mean to take up all free loading options anyway.

A short journey through some more stunningly beautiful countryside. A nature reserve running alongside a picturesque stoney river with heron waiting for fish to pass and deer roaming the woodlands. A diverse mix of pine, birch, oak and lemon eucalyptus amongst many others. Old, derelict mills with stork nests on the chimeny tops. I started to wish I had walked this part.

On arrival in Llerena my initial impressions are WOW! Seriously wow. This was obviously a very important and rich town once upon a time. I'll explore more and find a bit of history before reporting back. May even get the camera out early. The central plaza offers a challenging panoramic sketch that I'm really going to enjoy tomorrow morning. It is a fabulous mix of architectural styles and totally unspoilt. First person I asked about interent pointed to a door directly opposite me and walked me through a glorious courtyard to the town library. This place promises much and it has free internet. I like it here already. I have to report to policia local at 9PM to be told where to go for my free accommodation. Don´t know if the library opens on Saturday. I'm making very good progress mind. I could well reach Merida way ahead of schedule. 40KM per day is nothing to me now and my ankles are well and truly up for it.

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