Wednesday, 1 October 2008

You Know When it's Time to Go to Bed When...


Arrived late. Very early morning.

When a Toyota 4x4 starts singing to you in the voice of Johnny Cash about all your insecurities, fears, inhibitions and lemon groves (???) you know it's time to prioritise sleep. Seriously warped. Not sure what the Lemon Grove song was about, but I sort of liked it:

"You choose it,
you use it,
you choose to abuse it,
the world's gonna lose it,
take care of thye lemon grove".

Dunno? Madness coming from my sleep deprived head.

The visual hallucinations were stunning mind. Absolutely fucking beautiful. Olive trees became trees of dancing people. Not just abstract people, but real people full of character and recognisable right down to the minutest detail. Fucking lovely. I'd pay good money to enjoy that again in my own time. It will be realised as a painting some day.

I bought a bottle of wine. Drank it on a park bench and woke up some 13 hours later.

Bit more sorted in Cordoba now.

Yo soy an artista en peregrinacion a Santiago de Compostela por un carida de niños.

Yay! Why didn't I think of that earlier. Everyone's a winner and I'm collecting €150/day whilst under instruction from doctors not to try and hike for at least another Four days. Suits me.

So, now I'm walking for the benefit of a childrens charity also. No chance I'm going to give in. Enjoying a nice hostal bed, good cash, good food, good people.

Very tired still. Only writing this to remind myself. Hopefully mobile blogging will happen soon, so that I can type it all whilst still fresh in me mushed up brains.

Johnny Cash! He was a bit of a god freak no? Scary.

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