Saturday, 25 October 2008

Oh Noes! Cash Flows.

Gradually making my way towards Salamanca. Beautiful countryside once again. Nice sunny days and looking good until at least Monday, but getting very cold by night. No sleeping out ha meant paying for hostals/albergues in small villages with no supermarkets. It's proving to be an expensive stretch.

Passed by an old Roman town with the main arch marking the crossroads still standing. Very strange to find it in the middle of nowhere. Cappara. Large photo (click on it) - sorry. Not mine. Still not able to download and upload yet, but I have asked people to email JPEGS of sketches. I'll get my act together soon.

With very little cash I plan to hike big time and reach Salamanca sooner rather than later. Hopefully make some money to pay for new winter clothing and warm beds. A free bed is available for One night for all pilgrims. I'll probably stay at least Five days if money making works well.

Very tired! This is not easy work even if it is very enjoyable.

Onwards and upwards...

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