Thursday, 30 October 2008

Even More Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrier!

Despite the very horrible weather Salamanca is deliverying. Making enough between showers to cover cost of bed, food and drink and have bought winter clothes (although one of those €14 body warmers on offer in Carrefour may come in handy also).

Picked up a mural commission :) I will leave my mark on Salamanca in the way of a graffiti defying painting on a door in Plaza Mayor. Yay! Free bed for Saturday and Sunday courtesy of a very nice person, so I just have to cover the cost of One night hostal fees and what I make over the weekend should see me clear to Zamora. If the weather picks up I should make plenty.

Not nice working conditions at all. But, Im thankful that Im making enough.

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jm.harvey said...

Just started following your journey on the VdlP with interest and amusement. Indeed, I enjoy your witty comments on the camino and its people.
I am with you in spirit and wish you godspeed.
To make you feel better, we had 5 inches of snow at minus 10 today in Montreal, Canada.
Keep on trucking!!!