Sunday, 12 October 2008

Holy Shit!

Llerena has been rained off so far. Totally rained off. I managed about 30 minutes sketching in the very grand central plaza when the skies darkened dramatically. Someone invited me to join them for churros and coffee in the closest bar. Within Five minutes the clouds burst into an almighty storm. Huge! The streets very quickly became rivers. A further Five minutes into a conversation about Spanish artists and the cafe roof gave in. A torrent of water came gushing down the stairs instantly flooding the cafe.

I spent most of the day drifting from bar to bar avoiding the rain. Shame I couldn't explore the town buildings and monuments a bit more. A very interesting place with very proud and friendly people. A tiny spot on my map of Spain and Portugal. It deserves much more. I really liked the place despite the rain.

And, OMG! OMG!!!!!!!!!

Red wine and quality tapas hits a record low of 50 Centimos a go! That's like 38p or, summat for a glass of decent wine and quality snack.

Still raining a little. I have strayed from Route Mozarabe once again. Putting a bit of an extra leg onto my journey. Long days hike ahead of me for Zafra to make a bit of cash. I've been told to head for Plaza Chica and Plaza Grande. Pilgrimage wise, I'm expecting things to change a bit. Bit more official and I'll probably finally meet other pilgrims.

Llerena will get a return visit from me one day. It deserves much more time. Very small, but very, very interesting.

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