Thursday, 23 October 2008

Who Flicked the Switch?

Brrrrrrrr! Cold, wet and windy yesterday. Not that I cared much. I enjoyed a night in a luxury hotel courtesy of some very generous person. No cock sucking, or anything. Just a very welcome, no obligation gift.

It's definitely turned to autumn. The globes on the orange trees are turning bronze rather than green. The late afternoon shadows are noticeably longer. The deciduous trees are losing leaves. It's getting cold by night, but today was warm and sunny and the forecast looks good.

I'm about 15KM north of Plasencia - a small city I really enjoyed regardless of rain. Sold well. Collected good drops (20 Camel and a huge bag of fruit amongst them. Thanks to professor of English Antonio for a well considered bag of conference pears, apples, oranges and bananas. Appreciated greatly). A very workable place and a town I couldlive very happily in. Good people and some very nice places to enjoy outdoor life. The main church facade is well worth a bit of consideration. So much work!

My only quibble was one of the Policia Local who I couldn't quite sus. I actually hit him, but in circumstances that were beyond my control :D The idiot thought it would be funny to wake me my stamping his boot on the ground. I instinctively reacted with a hard, fast fist in the direction of the noise and cuaght him on the shin. Thankfully he laughed, but sometimes you wonder who you should be more wary of. I was sleeping under an arch in the main square. I may well have looked just like any other drifting down and out. Perhaps I am? Whatever his intention, or idea of humour, it makes you think.

Back treking in the countryside. It is stunningly beautiful around here. A very romantic. mountain surrounded landscape with streams running down hillsides through oak woodland and dry stone walls. I'm still in Extremadura and making slow progress towards Salamanca. Think I must have ascended 500M this afternoon. A short Four hour hike, but tough going with all the weight I'm carrying. Very enjoyable all the same. Off to search for the albergue here. Apparently it's a donation for bed deal. We'll see what happens.

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The Itinerant said...

i am still following you with great interest. Sorry to hear about the bad weather, hope it clears soon.
Any chance of pics or maybe a sketch?
Take care and keep everything crossed for gifts and a bed a night!