Friday, 10 October 2008

Fuente Obejuna

Very small town with little prospect of any cash, but a very nice central plaza that was begging to be sketched. A very windy town also. Raised about €5 in drops and enjoyed sketching in the company of local children. Gave them a bit of entertainment and practiced my Spanish, so it was well worth the stay. A nice bunch of teenagers that kept asking where I was staying for the night. I suspect it was them who asked the preist to leave the church open. Yay! With the aid of a little enhancement it was quite a spiritual night. It also gave me an insight into pilgrim ways of a hundred years past.

Hanging on the wall of the entrance porch was one of the most viscious looking weapons I've ever seen. I guess there have always been times when the church was under threat and there are always plenty of goodies on display inside. But, the long axe come head chopping, brain piercing lump of iron in a church took me by surprise. All religions seem to have a far bloodier history than the peace they claim to promote.

As I left the town in the morning I passed the school. My friends from last evening waved from the windows and shouted "good bye".

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