Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Oh noes! Rain. A ha! A bus.

Cough, cough.

I have erm... 'travelled' some 40KM northwards to Plasencia. Started raining and I'm not getting wet for anyone whilst I only have one set of clean clothes. Did say 'no strict rules' right at the start.

Desperately low on cash. Hoping the rain stays away for a sketching session this evening.

Got hopelessly wasted last night. Shame on me. Bad pilgrim etc etc. Some woman found me sleeping outside a bar in shelter and offered me food and drink. Didn't quite understand what she was saying, but there seemed to be a catch, so I turned the offer down. Besides, I had just stuffed my face with quality paella washed down with red wine and followed by a few brandies. Not quite sure how many brandies. Seems I made many telephone calls I can't remember last night.

Not sure if I'm just a bit hungover paranoid, or if I'm getting bad vibes from this city. Just another drifter (wrong type of pilgrim) passing through. We'll see how the sketching is received. It's all in a good cause.

Really can't understand why anyone has a problem with what I'm doing, but it seems some people do.

Forecast looks good for tomorrow and the day after (that'll be Thursday I think. All days and villages are a merging and a blending into one big de ja vous thingy).

Missing Granada. Missing some good people. Felt a bit lonely for the first time this morning. Need a good bed and shower. No boooze till Friday :(

Just realised I can't spell without spell checker. How pathetic :D

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