Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Cold, Wet and Windy.

Brrrrrrr! Someone flicked the switch down another level a month early. Can't make any cash in the rain, and I can't sell in Salamanca's Plaza Mayor anymore. Shame. That was an almighty good pitch. Good news is that I do now have official permission to work the streets of Salamanca (if not Plaza mayor), so no need to worry about Policia Local. Only took 10 minutes at the town hall to get sorted.

Hoping the weather clears for the weekend to make some more decent money, but at the moment far more is going out than coming in. I need winter clothes. There's lots of snow where I'm heading!

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LadyLuz said...

Just caught up with you and your entries.....wanted to wish you buen suerte on your journey and hope you get yourself some warm clothes soon.