Friday, 3 October 2008

I'm On YouTube!

:D Someone posted me up on YouTube.

A quick explanation about how I'm playing this trip.

In each city/town/village I pass through I decide if it's worth staying to make a bit of cash, or get a free meal and bed. A quick exploration whilst completing postcard sketches on arrival and looking for any suitable pitch. If I stay, I complete a large panoramic sketch with an explanation about who I am and what I'm doing. I also ask for donations to help me achieve my goal. Money, food, beer, cigarettes, socks... anything. So far I have been given loads of cash by the good people of Cordoba and the towns visited between here and Granada. 1 packet of Chesterfield Classic Reds. 1 packet of Camel lights. Several assorted cigarettes and spliff. 3 cans of beer. A bag of small cakes. A bag of assorted sweet cake chocolate things. Some very strange 'lady food' from the US - Luna - because beauty starts from within. And, a big shout to Maria from Sevilla for the most considered drop of a pair of socks. My feet are thanking you loudly!

That's pretty much the way I plan to continue. This weekend in Cordoba and off again on Monday. I can't find any maps of footpaths between here and Merida. It's a long and often remote stretch. The weather is looking OK and I'm taking a gamble on not buying a tent. I'm already carrying way to much weight. An ounce more and I'll just fuck up my tendons again. Difficult to plan this stretch. Very little information available. Probably have to stick close to roads, or even walk along them for much of the way. Horrible, but it beats getting caught out on a mountain top at the worst moment.

Now I know what my limits are physically and mentally I plan to stay within them. Probably doing no more than 20KM in any single day between here and Merida. From Merida onwards the route should be very obvious with plenty of info about where to stay at night. Hopefully.

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