Monday, 20 October 2008

Midnight Hiking.

I left Caceres late last night after a few brandies. One to many perhaps. I got lost.

Something extremely special about hiking through the night in strange lands by yourself. Lonely, scary and hauntingly beautiful. When daylight broke I spotted a road and headed north. Caceres was good for me in many ways, but I only sold one sketch. I need more money to make Salamanca.

Currently in a tiny village about 40KM north of Caceres. Unbelievably, I've found teh internetz! Local library running Linux.

There's a house here with a Noah's Ark chimney. Made me smile that did. Nothing else of note other than the fact I appear to be surrounded by dark skies in every direction. I'm shattered. I'm staying the night indoors, or out. There is shelter and it's still very warm by night. I'm struggling on the free pilgrims accommodation front. Seems I'm just not the right sort of pilgrim. I have finally met another walking pilgrim. Saw her initially in Merida and she claims she walked here even though I have still yet to see any other footprints. However, the paths are now hard and dry, so benefit of doubt goes her way. I'm still very suspicious mind.

Two old guys in the central bar of this tiny village. Matching chequered flat caps. One with a bottle of white. One with a bottle of red. 3PM. That's the sort of retirement I aspire to.

Not sure about my next move. Will sketch here even though there's nobody around. The skies are still blue directly overhead. May as well enjoy them. I suspect a couple of days of very wet stuff ahead of me.

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