Saturday, 27 December 2008

Aaaargh! More Wind and Rain.

It's back :(

Shouldn't really be moaning after a week of sunshine, but you tend to take it for granted and when it stops you're stuffed. I was planning to get an early bus tomorrow morning, but I now need good weather tomorrow and good money this evening and tomorrow.

This isn't really that easy. Fine when the weather is fine, but next to impossible if it's windy, or wet. I'm thinking new plan to take a bus to Madrid and hopefully make cash during New Year, then bus to Granada to finally complete jobs that should have been signed and sealed long ago, then onto Almeria for pilgrimage number Two. Still need a sponsor for that also.

There are plenty of dry pitches here, so with luck, I'll make enough to cover costs and pick up enough for a bus tomorrow. Currently paying €25/night for a very basic bed and shower hostal. Food and drink at about €10/day. Cigs €2.50. I need to do some washing - about another Tenner. Current outgoings are ITRO €40 a day. A single day of rain/wind/whatever to spoil income hurts!

Expensive day. Thankfully yesterday was a good day.

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