Saturday, 20 December 2008

If You Want To Get Ahead, Get a Hat!

My Fifth hat of pilgrimage! I seem to have developed a bit of a hat fetish. Three blew away, One is still in my pocket - a gift from a friend who is no longer with us. I'll never let that one blow away. And, now I have the most perfect Stetson Railway Network leather engine drivers cap :) Only cost me €85!!! FFS! What am I doing?

I've just completely reinvented myself on a very self-induldgement shopping binge. Spunked a load of cash on a very nice, light weight, extra warm, multi-pocketed coat for future treks across the winter plains from Alicante to Toledo. I also have a new pair of quality, light weight, multi-pocketed parachuter trousers. These are highly recommended for pilgrimaging.

I've also bought a bottle of detergent. Going to spend a Saturday night washing me togs and shaving me bonce. Hit it a bit hard last night. I need a recovery session.

Big spend, but it is almost Christmas after all and no other fucker's going to buy me anything!

Apparently Villa v West Ham is on GOL TV. I'm off to find a bar with telly before hitting the laundrette for an exciting Saturday night.

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