Monday, 22 December 2008

Tarta de Santiago

It's a bit like Bakewell tart, but without icing. Just a simple dusting of icing sugar over a pastry crust, stencil decorated with the cross of Saint James. Very nice.

The weather has been fantastic and the forecast still looks good, so I'm staying put for a few more days. May leave after Christmas. Cheap(ish) accomodation is available. I can save money here to get me back to Granada for a brief visit before heading to Alicante.

I have a stinking cold, but my new coat is well cosy. Think my new hat is staying with me for a few years at least. New image works well on the cash making front. Two sketches sold yesterday before I had finished them. Going to try a few small watercolours today with a panoramic 3 Meter sketch in a new pitch this afternoon. Nice square at the back of the cathedral. Few pwoplw around, but it should still be good enough to pay for bed and food today.

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