Wednesday, 17 December 2008

And...More Rain :(

Oh well. Forecast is good for the weekend :)

I have invested in a nice, new, shiney portfolio full of various watercolour papers. I'm going to sit in a cafe all day drawing and painting from postcards. This evening, I'm going to sit under an arch and paint a nice Navidad scene featuring the cathedral and all the sparkly Christmas lights.

Seems stupid to be buying a new digital camera at this time of year, but I really should be recording more sketches and paintings. My panoramic sketches have been going up in bars and cafes all along my route. I'll have to revisit them all some day. I'm leaving my mark everywhere.


The Itinerant said...

Congratulations on reaching Santiago.
I have been following your travels from afar and admire your willpower on continueing during cold, wet and difficult times.
I will be looking forward to reading your next adventure and possibly see you at work should you be in the vicinity (somewhere near Alicante?) Good luck and please keep on posting.

The Lost Photographer said...

I'm planning to start a new walk from Alicante in January. Much work to do and stuff to sort before I can start a new adventure, but I'll be publishing progress here. Hoping to make enough cash in Santiago to give me a bit of a buffer for a trip across the cold winter plains from Alicante to Toledo and Salamanca. It should be Spring by the time I return to Galcia. I'll bet all I have (not a lot) that it will be equally wet then.