Thursday, 11 December 2008


I'm in Lugo. Yet another beautiful little city. But, it's still raining relentlessly. Total end of the world weather. Very cool little city and there's a photography festival on. Yay! PhotoGalicia 2008 - InnerCity. My sort of photography. I can see I'm going to get stuck here if I make some cash. If I make some cash!

I'm down to my last couple of Euros. I have repairs to repair. Zips are a busting all over the shop. My umbrella is holding up well mind. It's still good for going fwapperfwapperfwapper everytime I enter a bar :)

I need €40 to see me safely through to Santiago. I also need a shave and a haircut for when I meet God's earthly topman representative to collect my reward. A lavanderia to wash all my clothes. There is a peregrinos albergue here, so that's possibly just €3 for a bed for tonight and about €6 to wash and dry my clothes. Sleeping bag could do with a wash also.

Best get to work. I need to make €30 today and another €30 tomorrow to be safe again. I've been feeling a bit vulnerable surviving day to day cashwise. My compaƱeros have been very kind, but I need a safety wad in my back pocket. Parted company this morning, hoping to meet up with them again further enroute. They're a good bunch.

Off to work in the cold, wet streets of Lugo.

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