Friday, 26 December 2008

Chorizo, Eggs and Chips.

Fuck yeah! That hit the spot. Sausage, egg and chips Galician stylee :) Big fat juicy chorizo.

Almost time to leave Santiago, but I will surely be back. I've loved every minute here. Fantastic little city. And, I got good weather. My favourite cafe is just off the tourist trail, almost opposite Policia Nacional. Good selection of daily dishes for just €5 (with bread). Decent size servings, good food at good prices with friendly staff. It's very popular with the locals. Best to beat the rush and get there just after 2PM.

My favourite bar is now introducing it's customers to the listening pleasure of Neil Halstead. Can't remember the name. I'll come back to it in a later post because I'm sure to pop in for one final visit. Live music from the guy who runs the place (and his mates) every Wednesday. Nice place.

Tunes in my head today include 'Sitting on the Beggars Bench' - Neil Halstead and 'Dirty Old Town' - McEwan? Communist playwrite guy???

I took just Four albums with me on pilgrimage. I haven't actually played any whilst travelling, but they are there to give away, or share when opportunity arises:

1. Bunny Wailer - Blackheart Man.
2. PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea.
3. Neil Halstead - Sleeping on Roads.
4. Neil Halstead - Mighty Machine.

I guess the first Three must be my all time favourite top Three. Number Four made the rucksack simply because it was new and very eagerly awaited. And, it is a beautiful collection of songs.

Another HUGE thank you. To Erva - you total angel! No doubt when I finally hit Barcelona I will be inviting you to share a good meal and a few drinks. I like your handbags :)

Hope to see you again someday, some place.

Rain forecast for tomorrow, so possibly my last day sketching here. The cathedral is an absolute monster challenge, but I'm going to do it big just one last time.

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