Monday, 1 December 2008

Time to Blow the Lid :D

Ha ha!

I have walked over 1000KM. For most (if not all of the way) I was the only person/pilgrim (I'm not really a pilgrim, but anyway...) laying footprints. In 1000KM I have only met One other pilgrim on track, yet the albergues have often been full???

Zafra was my first clue. I arrived at about 5AM. Guessing that the bus station cafe would be first to open I headed that way. It was closed, but shelter was there, so I waited until it did open at about 6.30AM. Enjoyed churros and chocolate followed by cafe con leche followed by chocolate.

Then, pilgrim number one appeared. Complete with carbon fibre rods. Ten minutes later a whole posse of German pilgrims appeared. By 8AM the bus station was full of pilgrims. Where were they all going? I watched at the ticket booth as each one bought tickets to the nearest village to the next albergue. That's how carbon fibre walking rods and skin tight latex helps you. Not knocking any of them. Enjoy it in your own way, but don't try and tell me I'm not a proper pilgrim because I'm not using the right gear!

Cheating fuckers the lot of you :D

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