Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I'm in a very nice little public library in the very nice little village of Samos. For some reason this place barely gets a mention in many guides and it's actually off track a little. There are sweets in the ashtrays, it's warm, comfortable and it has internet - all for free. It is stunningly beautiful here even in the bleak, relentless wet weather. Samos is famous for it's very magnificent monastery. A huge building about half the size of the entire village.


I have found some camino commradery. I seem to have joined a like minded bunch of walkers who have very kindly paid for my bed in last nights albergue. I'm cashless and on a dash to Sarria to make enough money to take a bus and a Two day sketching break in Lugo. The weather should be OK by Thursday. Hopefully I'll make enough to see me through to Santiago.

I'm currently sharing albergues and very nice, good value meals with a couple from Catalonia, a French woman and a bunch of guys from Majorca. All smokers and drinkers and all very relaxed, good humoured people. It's been a fun few nights even if very wet.

Villafranca went a bit strange, so I decided to head onwards. Standing by the river watching the rapids and admiring the elegant old bridge, a car suddenly crashed through the bridge railings and dropped 15 Meters, or so onto the path below. Did that really just happen? It did. The driver was obviously a bit fucked, but I think he survived. That threw me a little, so I walked on.

There is no doubting I'm now in Galicia (unless it's Wales). It is extremely beautiful, but it's also extremely wet and cold. Constantly getting soaked in rain, drizzle, sleet and snow. I've crossed the highest pass mind. It's relatively easy and straightforward from here on. I could easily be in Santiago by the weekend if I wanted to be. But, I'm hopeffuly off to explore Lugo for a couple of days tomorrow and may yet take other diversions before reaching destination One.

New plan for destination Two. I found a pilgrimage route to the sunshine of Alicante. From Santiago to Salamanca to Toledo and then directly towards the coast and Alicante. That's going to be walk number Two. I'm looking for a new sponsor. It should take about Three months. From Alicante, I'm going to take a Two week holiday in Majorca :)

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