Monday, 29 December 2008


Thank God I didn't do last night on a night train. Something I ate I think. Off shortly to see if it's safe to restore energy. Bit shattered. Very little sleep. But, I'm still planning to make a couple of sales this afternoon and get the train to Madrid for some city sketching tomorrow. Wonder if I'll get my bag nicked?

I was thinking I would have to research the Alicante to Santiago camino, but someone's written a complete step by step guide already

What's more, the guy who wrote it is hospitelrio(sp?) at the First albergue enroute :)

It's going to be much colder, much tougher and much more expensive, but I'm eager to get on with it. Possibly starting Second week of January.

Me yesterday sketching Santiago cathedral in my new Stetson engine drivers hat :)

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