Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Hey! Somebody moved the church. Very frustrating when that happens in strange cities and towns, but equally reassuring when someone moves your hotel right in front of your nose when you had given up all hope of finding it.

This church (and much of the old town) was moved brick by brick about 45 years ago. Moved up river and up hill. A 12th Century church that had stood for...well...12 Centuries untroubled. Yet, 50 years ago the town became prone to flooding big style. The church was often under water. What's that about then? Today, the church stands proud and restored about Half a Kilometer away from where it was originally built. Surrounded by very convincing 'old' buildings. The old town remains where it always was. About 500 Meters down valley.

Climate change? World change. It's always changing. If you look at most coastal towns in Spain the houses are almost always a good 50 Meters above sea level. Sea walls count for nothing.

Off to Lugo tomorrow.

Today's tune stuck in my head is: The Wind Knows My Name - Fairground Attraction.

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