Thursday, 4 December 2008

I Won't Stop Walking Until I Know Where I'm Going!

Yesterday's hike was a bit tough. Over mountain passes through blizzards and drifts, but I am now in Ponferrada just 200KM short of Santiago de Compostela and I'm already wondering where to go from there.

Physically and financially it's getting very difficult. Mostly due to the weather. But, I can walk 200KM in Four days if I have to. I don't want to. I want to take it very slowly and arrive on Christams day, but taking it slowly is much more expensive.

I need cash. My clothes need washing. Sleeping bag needs repairing. It's raing in Ponferrada and I really struggle to make money in the rain. Off to stroll around town to come up with a new idea. Hopefully.

I would like to continue walking around Spain until I'm ready to move forward in other ways in about a years time (possibly longer).

Perhaps I should just focus on charity goal number 1 and make sure I get to Santiago before making other plans. The home stretch could be very tough.

Had to share a dorm last night with someone who left a flashing light on all night. WTF???? These professional pilgrims and all their gadgets are really beginning to annoy me :D


Amawalker said...

Perhaps you could offer your services as a hospitalero in return for shelter? Must be somewhere that would welcome you?

The Lost Photographer said...

My Spanish isn't quite up to the job of hospitalero. Getting there slowly, but not quite at that level yet.

I'm just mulling over ways of funding more walking. It's relatively cheap here with numerous albergues to choose from, but other areas of Spain are much more pricey for a safe bed.

It's not cheap. As well as walking I have to find the money to cover my costs. Also, the costs of excursions to visit interesting places and people to interview and photograph.

Anyway, nice to know I wasn't just talking to myself ;)

I'll come up with something!