Friday, 12 December 2008

Next Stop Santiago!

Yay! In the brief couple of hours of dry in Lugo it delivered. I'm now comfortably sorted for cash to see me to Santiago by Sunday. About 80KM to go. Big hike tomorrow to leave a 25KM stroll into town on Sunday. Where I go from there I have no idea as yet. May hang around for a week, or so until an incentive drives me forward. I've met so many people on this 'pilgrimage' and have so many ne invitations to visit people all over Spain and France. I could easily draw a map of free beds from here back to Granada :D

Very friendly police and people in Lugo when it isn't pissing it down. I will return to explore further some day.

Friday night in a small, drive through farming town in deepest darkest Galicia. Although, I'm still half convinced I'm in Wales. With my mind drifting as I hike I find myself looking up for sign posts to Newtown and Welshpool, or Knighton. Fond memories of teenage camping sessions.

Needless to say; it's raining again. Bucket loads. It will be tomorrow also. No doubt. Oh well, I'm getting use to it, but it really isn't what I moved to Spain for as beautiful as it is.

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